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Bugs & Workarounds
The Ogame Origin Project as you're all well aware is designed as a way for Ogame team members and users to share and collate information. In line with this, after some close work with members of the OGameTech we are happy to bring to you an up-to-date list of current Game bugs.
If you find a bug not listed below then feel free to open a new thread about it here.

Portal Page

  • Portal: The Team List is too fragmented
The teamler list on the portal page is unclear and hard to understand for players. Having the list sorted by Universe or Teamler Username would be better.

Ingame General

  • General: At login via GameForge Portal some links don't function
When using the GameForge Portal to login, links to galaxy coordinates using showGalaxy() don't function (such as in espionage reports).
  • General: Moon without planet
It's possible to create a moon after a battle on an abandoned planet, this moon isn't cleared with the planet deletion thus resulting in a moon without a planet.
  • General: Server Time replaced with Local Time
As of update 2.0 the original server time (German time) was replaced by each community's local time.
Eg. OGame.us now uses EDT instead of CEST (GMT+2).
  • General: User is unable to leave vacation mode (No account validation)
Some users are unable to leave vacation mode because of the message "No account validation". The user will see this:
-> Missing checkbox to leave vacation mode.
Method 1: The user has to change the email address and choose to use the old email (O) or the new one (N).
  • O) Use the undo/validation link received on the old email: if the link is used, the account will be validated and the account email is changed back to the old one again.
  • N) A confirmation/validation link is sent to the new email address: if the link is used, the account is validated and the new email is placed on the account.
Method 2: If changing the email address and new validation causes no effect. Ban and then unban without vacation mode.
  • Relocation: Special Characters in Planet Names
If a planet name contains certain special characters then the planet can become stuck during a relocation attempt.
  • Relocation: No ships can be sent
After a planet relocation no ships can be sent to the planet, because of a problem with special characters.
  • General: Alliance Depot refueling problem
It's not possible to supply ships using the alliance depot from the proper planet.
  • General: Display problem in Techtree
On the technology page of the Techtree there are some extra white "marks" which shouldn't be there.
  • General: Random Logouts
At random some players are kicked from the game and directed to the startpage, the session ID is "lost" so a new login is required.
  • Incorrectly listed building queue in the shipyard
There is a difference between the building queue and it displayed just produced Ship Type


  • Overview: Maximum 127 unread messages
The overview screen shows a maximum of 127 unread messages, even if there are more.
  • Overview: "X new messages" without new messages
If messages are deleted, either by the system or by the user, before they're read then the game still shows that you have unread messages available.
Explanation from CoMa: [This is because] if they delete unread messages they're going to the recycle bin - and are still marked as unread - so the icon shows up.
Method 1: Login using the main login page (http://ogame.XX) instead of GameForge Portal.
Method 2: Get someone to send you a message or launch and recall a fleet for example and then select the "Delete all messages" button from the drop down (don't use the antigame button). This clears both the inbox and the recycle bin.
Method 3: Revalidate your account (Change your email, then login to the "old" email account and click the link sent to you to cancel the email change).
  • Overview: Missing warning triangle for ACS
Very rarely, when being attacked by an ACS mission, the warning triangle does not show.


  • Message: New founder message
If a player is given alliance founder rights then each player gets a message saying he is now the alliance owner.
  • Member list: Sort by Activity
When you select to sort players by activity/online status it doesn't work correctly.


  • Options: Non-functional "Disable IP check" option
The IP check is enabled regardless of the setting.


  • Fleet: Missing cargo capacity of espionage probes is not be displayed
The missing cargo capacity of espionage probes is not displayed in page=fleet2. Instead of a usual red, negative number, green number 0 is shown. You get an error message only after you click "send fleet".
  • Fleet: Movement -> Flight progress symbol is not shown correctly
The movement progress triangle for a return flight is not shown correctly. It jumps to the middle between departure and target planets after arriving to the target planet.
  • Expedition: Overloading when sending a fully loaded fleet on an expedition
If you send a fleet filled with resources on an expedition and then find resources, the fleet will be overloaded and you will be able to bring home the entire expedition finding.
  • Expedition: Fleet is destroyed but slot is still blocked
If during an expedition your fleet is destroyed, it still appears in the fleet movement list blocking a fleet slot and isn't removed until the expedition flight time elapses.
  • Fleet Combat: Battle Tech upgrades not considered
If a combat tech upgrade finishes during an ACS mission the new level isn't considered for the battle, whilst with a normal attack the upgrade is factored in. It should be the same for both.
  • Fleet menu: Option "espionage" is shown when sending a probe with a colony ship on an empty slot in a galaxy
When sending an espionage probe(s) along with a colony ship to an empty slot in a galaxy, the option "espionage" is enabled in the fleet menu. Launching a fleet this way is not possible though.
  • Fleet menu: Wrong expedition time in speed unis
The time calculation in "fleet3" does not include the speed factor of the uni, therefore it shows a wrong value. (display error, not game issue.)
  • General: Standard fleets with IE
When using Internet Explorer, if you go to choose one of your standard fleets, you can´t use that function because the "Next" button doesn't turn green.
  • General: ACS invitation window problems.
For some users the ACS invitation window does not show up completely, so it's difficult to search for other players and invite them.


  • Galaxy: "ACS Defend" is not shown at your alliance member
ACS Defending your alliance member is not shown in the tool-tip of their planets. There is no such issue with buddies.
  • Galaxy: Problem with Activity * on moon
Very occasionally an activity star (*) isn't formed on a moon, no matter what action or by whom.
  • Galaxy: Deuterium consumption is not shown when using a phalanx
When phalanxing a planet the deuterium consumption isn't shown, only when clicking menu or closing the phalanx window is the correct value is shown.
  • Galaxy: Deuterium consumption is not shown when navigating through the galaxy
The correct value is only shown by clicking on menu.
  • Galaxy: Missing moon tool-tips when using IE8
The tool-tips for a moon are not shown when using the Internet Explorer 8 browser due to a JS error. This bug does not occur at destroyed moons.
  • Galaxy: Slots are not visually updated after sending
Without commander, if you send espionage probes / recyclers from the Galaxy page, the display does not update x / y slots occupied. With commander it works fine.
  • Galaxy: Special characters display bug
If a planet name contains special characters like Arabian chars, the time on the Planet (last activity), is displayed on the left side of the planet name instead of the right side.


  • RSS: Wrong date and time format
All RSS entries except the building-finishing-settings show the wrong dates and times.
  • RSS: Battle-reports are unreadable
All combat reports are displayed in an unreadable format.
  • RSS: Usernames with an empty space or special symbols can't use RSS.
User with a space or special symbols inside their usernames can't use the RSS-Feed because of technical limitations on the symbols in the htaccess.
  • RSS: Text is twisted for building-completions.
The word order for building completion messages are badly ordered.
Eg. "On your planet 10 the building 'P3 [3:156:7]' on level researchlab has been finished." Should be "On your planet P3 [3:156:7] the building 'researchlab' on level 10 has been finished."
  • RSS: URL constantly changes
When you activate the RSS feed the link to access it constantly changes making it useless. This link shouldn't change.
Before: "You can contact your personal newsfeed by http://Electra.ogame.de/feed/show.php?fe…a69b48c7a69422c"
After: "You can contact your personal newsfeed by http://Electra.ogame.de/feed/show.php?fe…e7d3f99d54f2034"
  • RSS: Ingame messages are unreadable
Ingame messages are displayed in the format:


  • Message: Restore message doesn't have a function
There is no effect by pressing the restore button in an open message in the recycle bin. The message still stays in the recycle bin. Messages are recoverable via the message summary page only.
  • Messages: Player has left the alliance []
Users receive message saying that players have left an alliance at irregular intervals despite not being in an alliance or having any contact with the player.
Eg. "From Allianz [] To: Syras Subject: Tobias12 has left the allianz. Date: 11.04.2010 15:50:37 The Player Tobias12 has left the allianz."
  • Alliance: Problems with '

In circular messages all cases of ' characters are proceeded with a \.

  • Messages: Sporadic wrong activities in espionage reports
Occasionally the displayed activity in an espionage report doesn't match up with what should be seen.
Eg. In the first scan at 16:10:21 it shows "activity 26 min ago" and in the second scan at 16:32:12 it shows "no activity in the last hour".
  • Messages: Paging forward is incorrect after 71 messages.
After 71 messages the numbers in the pagefunction in the messagesview is incorrect. Notwithstanding the messagesnumber > 71 it just to 71 only. All following messages (that means message 72 to xx) show the numbers "1 to 71". Using the "next" and "back" buttons brings you back to the messagesoverview.
  • Messages: Restoration of messages requires two steps
When clicking the restore button for a message in the recycle bin there's no immediate effect. Because of this a second click or refresh is necessary:
  1. Click: Message moves to the inbox but still showes in the recycle bin.
  2. Click (or page refresh): Message is removed from the recycle bin and is finally visible in the inbox.
  • Messages: Wrong date on messages received from Game Operators
Messages received from Game Staff have the date 01/01/1970 (linux time zero), so they don't get deleted by the system.
  • Messages: Problem with RTL text for planet names in messages
If a planet name contains special characters like Arabian chars, the planet name appears on the wrong side of the coordinates.
  • Combat Report: Wrong size of DF shown in combat report
Occasionally the wrong df is shown at the bottom of the combat report, the correct df is still produced in galaxy view.


  • Tooltip: Cancelling Buildings/Research has the wrong tooltip
The tooltip for the cancel button says "Cancel downgrade". "Cancel upgrade" would be correct.
  • Tooltips: No tooltips shown anywhere
In Opera and Google Chrome tooltips aren't displayed due to a problem with one of the game's javascripts.
(Menu->Preferences->Advanced->Content->Blocked Content->Add)
  • For Chrome: Install an addon called COgame this includes a fix for this problem
  • Messages: "Delete this message" looks poor
The tooltip for the delete button in a message (detail view) looks poor (has an unnecessary line at the beginning). It's correctly shown on the message overview page.
  • Messages: "Restore this message" looks poor
The tooltip for the restore button in a message (detail view) looks poor (has an unnecessary line at the beginning). It's correctly shown on the message overview page.
  • Phalanx: Refresh button has "espionage" as a Tooltip
The refresh button on the phalanx screen has the wrong tooltip (espionage)
  • Research: Tooltip "Cancel research" looks bad
The tooltip for the button to cancel an ongoing research in the research view looks poor (has an unnecessary line at the beginning).
  • Research: Text size error for resource production
When on the research page, the hover-text/tooltip for the resources at the top for the Rate/Hr text is a smaller font than the same text on other pages. It's only for the green numbers, when there's no production the (0) is the correct size.


  • Tutorial: Mission6 -> The using of DM will not be buffered
The using of DM in the 6th tutorial mission won't be saved and expires. User without purchased DM can't finish this step.


  • Statistic: Deleted alliances leave a temporary empty field
Deleted alliances still stay in the highscore and will be shown as an empty field. An application at the alliance (possible by the button in the highscore) generates an errorsite.
  • Statictic: No +/- indicator in the alliance statistics
The player highscore list has a success indicator about gained and lost places. The alliance statistic doesn't have this indicator yet.
  • Statictic: Incorrect alliance points
The points of an alliance are the sum of the points of the members. It should be that every 1000 points of a player = 1 alliance point.
For example an alliance with two players who have 1,000,000 points each should have 2,000 points, but currently it would have 2,000,000 points.
  • Statistic: Problem with IPM points calculation
If you fire IPMs your points aren't altered immediately, but only once a day for all IPMs - probably 00:00?

Single Points

  • EventList: Expedition has start coordinates as target (instead of X:X:16)
On an expedition mission the coordinates of the start planet are also showed as the target. This isn't a bug, it's by design.
  • Jumpgate: Activity when using jumpgate
Activity doesn't show on target moon when using the jumpgate until the user clicks the "OK" button in popup dialog.
  • Empire View: Moons won't be sorted
The planet order on the Empire View follows the planet sort settings, however the moon order is sorted in order they occured and ignores the settings.
  • Battlesystem: Draw despite Superiority
Very rarely the battle randomly and sporadically ends with a draw before the 6th round.


  • Research: No possibility to find out where it was started
The user doesn't have the possibility for an ongoing research to find out which planet it was started on. It would be helpful to know it if he wants to cancel it.
  • Research: No error message when deleting planet with active research
There's no error message when you try to delete a planet where a research was started. This means the research gets cancelled (and the resources lost) without the user knowing. The error message is present for buildings etc already.


  • Pillory: The title uses the server number instead of the name
The title in the pillory has the server id in place of the name of the uni.
Eg. Universe 105 instead of Electra

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